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Sarovar is a Punjabi terms used for a pool. Many historic Gurdwaras in India and Pakistan have a Sarovar incorporated in the Gurdwara building complex. The most prominent Sikh Temple is the Harimander Sahib in Amritsar. A very large pool or Sarovar surrounds the central temple building. The devotees who visit these shrines will bathe in these pools as the Sikhs believe that spiritual and worldly benefits are gained by immersing in the holy waters of these Sarovars. It has been a common practise to drain and cleanse these Sarovars on a regular basis. The Punjabi term used for this function of cleaning these pools is Kar Seva. The Harimander Sahib complex last undertook Kar Seva in 2004. In addition to the Seva, a new system of filtration was also installed following the removal of the silt from the drained pool. Fish are also present in these Sarovars to keep the water clean and pure.

Amrit Sarovar

It serves as the holy reservoir and all the devotees before visiting the Harmandir Sahib wash their hands and feet in this sarovar. Some even take bath before entering the Gurudwara. This sarovar is considered to be very holy and it is believed that a dip in the holy water of this sarovar can cure several ailments of the devotees. A popular story says that years before, a leper took a dip in this holy water and his leprosy was cured completely.


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