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Carambolim Lake is known as one of the most interesting and picturesque wildlife preservation in Goa. It is located just in a few kilometers to the south-east of Old Goa, in the surrounding of countryside Carmali and has good transport availability.Man-made for irrigation of rice fields the basin quickly turned into a shelter of migrating herbivores and waterfowl. The ecological richness of the Carambolim Lake has dozens of species of birds and exotic plants. It is the home to the purple heron, gray heron, jacana, moorhen (water hen), pintail, Indian stork, cuckoo, a small whistling duck, teal, and coot. The ornithologists were thrown at the ecstasy with the news that appeared on Christmas Eve in 2012, which they took as a good omen. In the waters of Carambolim Lake they saw the pink flamingos. As you know, these graceful birds prefer solitude and small salt water and live mainly in India in the region of Mumbai and in Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. The experts believe that this will be the first flamingo ambassador hospitable Carambolim and lead many of their relatives here.


Chorao has boat tours taking you through the backwaters for birdwatching or crocodile spotting, but you can explore the island on foot and spend a delightful hour or two at the quaint houses of this pretty village with its bird sanctuary. Divar is also especially fascinating with its houses and chapels and long winding roads. The best part of these walks is you get to meet local Goans, maybe have a chat about the background and history of the village. The small restaurants in the villages will seve you authentic Goan food, especially if you stop by a taverna. Sample their brew, but make certain you eat a meal there too. That is the composite taste of Goa.

Hot Air Ballooning

“The balloon seems to stand still in the air while the earth flies past underneath.” — Alberto Santos-Dumont. There is nothing quite like the uplifting sensation of a balloon ride. The gentle sway of the balloon borne upon the winds, with a panorama, a bird’s eye view of the surroundings is an amazing experience. The 360 degree field of vision and the weightless sensation of being lifted off your feet up to heights of 2500 feet, can only be experienced in a hot air balloon. A fantastic way to experience flight, and a great adventure that is not in the least bit physically demanding, hot air balloon rides are now available to tourists in Goa.


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