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The journey to the Holy Shrine of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Ji starts with the Call of Mata. It is not only a belief but also a strong experience of one and all that the Divine Mother sends a call to her children. And once a person receives it, wherever he is, is bound to visit the Mother to receive Her unbounded love and blessings. A popular slogan in the local folklore beautifully expresses it- Maan Aap Bulandi - which means that The Mother Herself Calls! It is also a matter of experience by almost all those who visit the Holy Shrine that upon the Call of Mata, a person needs to just take one step and leave the rest to Her and his journey gets completed with Her divine blessings. Simultaneously, it is also believed that unless there is a call or Bulawa no one can visit the Shrine or have Her blessings, howsoever high or mighty one may be.

Vaishno Devi Temple

Vaishno Devi is also known as Mata Rani, Vaishnavi. The temple is very famous place in Katra. Thousands of pilgrims, devotees visit temple every year. The cave is situated around 5200 Feet. Tourists can take Helicopter rides or pony rides to the temple. Tourists can take trek to temple as they can experience picturesque views.

Dera Baba Banda

It’s located on the banks of River Chenab. It is a historical Gurudwara built in Katra and is about 300 years old. People all around the country come for the Mela event on the occasion of Baishakhi. A small Museum to showcase weapons used in wars is housed inside the Gurudwara.
Dera Baba Banda Information:
• Maintain Peace in the temple.
• Keep footwear’s outside the temple.

Baba Dhansar

The place is located in Karua Jheel, 17 Kilometres from Reasi district in Jammu. People worship Lord Shiva at Baba Dhansar. Devotees visit on Mahashivratri every year for the annual Mela.
Baba Dhansar Information:
• Modest dressing is advised.
• Maintain Peace.


Located around 3.5 km away from the heart of Jammu city, is known to be the oldest site in the Shivalik region. Situated on the busy Circular Road, this temple is easily accessible from different corners of the city.
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and enshrines a black Swayambhu (naturally-formed) Shiva Lingam. It is believed that Jamvant (the 'King of Bears') – a prominent character in the Ramayana meditated at this spot, which is why it is alternatively known as Jamvant Cave.
There are two natural caves inside this shrine, each having a depth of about 20 to 30 feet. To reach the Shiva Lingam, visitors have to go through a flight of several marble steps from the ground level. Throughout the year, Peer Kho Cave Temple experiences a huge influx of devotees, which increases during the celebration of Shivaratri and other Hindu festivals.


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