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Lolab valley, locally known as ‘Wadi-e-Lolab’ is known for its fruit orchards, lake, springs and lush rice fields. Lolab can be easily reached by road. Travelers staying in Srinagar can easily reach Lolab by a local bus or hire a taxi. Poets like to refer to Lolab asa true destination and as “land of love and beauty”. Lolab valley is 5km wide and 26 km long. It is located at a distance of 120 kms from Srinagar in Kupwara district. Lolab is a combination of three valleys, Potnai valley, Brunai valley and Kalaroos valley. There are beautiful Nagmarg meadows, which separate Lolab from Bandipora district. The headquarters of Lolab is situated at Sogam. It is said that Sogam was very densely populated a long time ago, when Kashmir valley was still a lake called “Satisar”. Travelers visiting Lolab also visit the resting place of a famous saint Kashyap reshi, which is located at a distance of 1 km from village Lalpur. A spring called Lavnag can be found nearby. The spring is three feet deep and has crystal clear water. Gauri spring is another major spring in the area. Government has taken several steps to maintain Lolab Valley to its pristine beauty.

Bird Watching in Kashmir

Bird watching is a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature. This is about wild birds & ducks of Kashmir. Birding is for everyone who is interested in enjoying nature. Bird diversity varies seasonally and as many as 554 species belonging to 13 orders have been recorded in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. - 262 species have been reported from the temperate and alpine regions of the Kashmir Valley ranging in elevation from 1800m to 7500m with an average annual rainfall of 733mm. - 225 species have been reported from the cold high-level desert of Ladakh which ranges in elevation from 2750m to 7672m with an average annual rainfall of 160 mm. - 183 species have been reported from the sub-tropical plains of Jammu with an elevation of about 100 to 700m with an average annual rainfall of 1124mm. Staking out in the wild to identify and track birds that is the essence of bird watching. You have to spot a bird in its natural habitat and then try to discover its identity. It’s not tough to bird watch. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Carry a powerful pair of binoculars, a notebook and a pen, and plenty of patience on your bird watching holiday. Birds flock to a water source, such as in our lakes, rivers and all the mountain areas like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Sonamarg etc. For wild ducks (migratory / seasonal) and other waterfowl you can visit Hokarsar, Anchar, Manasbal, Wular, Dal & Nageen Lakes. So that’s where you need to head out.


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